Yacht rental in Cyprus

The charter of a luxurious yacht offers an unrivaled experience and an unforgettable challenge. It is a unique opportunity to customize your dream holidays. With a Super Yacht Rental, your imagination is your only limitation. You can explore secret sites in Cyprus, much beyond the rest of the tourists, and wake up to new amazing destinations every morning.

The planning is done in advance and adapted to your interests and needs to ensure a stress-free holiday. This is the ultimate way to travel and we will do everything so that every moment on the island is unforgettable.

Why Charter a Yacht with us

Yacht rental in Cyprus

Yacht Charter in Cyprus

Luxury yacht Cyprus

A yacht rental is a truly unique experience. Cyprus Voyage VIP is excited to organize your Luxury Yacht Charter in Cyprus with an extremely trained and fine-selected crew to serve your every need. Our experienced yacht charter partners are ready to advise, both first-time charterers and more experienced guests, to select the ideal package according to their vacation needs.

We try to make the process of chartering a yacht as simple and transparent as possible. We are available to answer all your questions with honest and timely answers, ensuring that you will make the most of your yacht rental. Additionally, we have established relationships with yacht owners, captains and crew members and have access to all the best yacht charters at the best prices. If you have already decided on your destination in Cyprus, we will proceed to find a luxury yacht that suits your wishes and budget.

Our team will send you a proposal for super yacht options based on your ideal travel dates, number and age of your family members and the type of vacation you want. At this stage of the process and during your vacation, we are committed to open communication, fast email and telephone communication.

To begin planning your luxury yacht charter vacation, please contact us now!

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